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Learn more about credit management by reading our whitepapers. Each of our whitepapers can help you keep up-to-date with the most important credit management information. Click on the whitepaper you want to read and fill in the form to get access. Want additional information about credit management? Feel free to contact us.


Fintech Barometer

Whitepaper | Fintech in the order-to-cash process

After four years of research, we have now collected so much data that we can chart developments over the years. This has given us insight into a range of interesting trends, such as, the technology trends being most widely embraced, and how developments on both sides of The Channel differ from each other. Despite the many similarities in the order-to- cash process, financial professionals in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom face different challenges, set different priorities, and see different developments. So now, we would like to share these insights with you.

calling your customers

Whitepaper | Seven quick-wins

Automating key administrative tasks can free up time for your company’s credit management team to pick up the phone and speak to customers. This instant contact can deliver some valuable quick wins.

practical tips to ensure financially healthy organisation

Whitepaper | Handbook for all your daily credit management challenges 

In this whitepaper, we discuss 3 main challanges within the OTC process and give practical tips to ensure a financially healthy organisation.


Whitepaper | From risk management to bailiff

How do we at Onguard assemble a single integrated order-to-cash platform from the point of view of credit management. This whitepaper offers insights in the different solutions that can be integrated with our CreditManager application.

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Whitepaper | The human side of the order-to-cash process

In this whitepaper, we focus on the most important factor within the order-to-cash process: the finance professional themself. Download the whitepaper.


Whitepaper | 5 Calculations no Credit Manager should do by hand

Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio and how your team is performing against their targets, are essential in order to stay on track with your ambitious plans.

Gastwebinar Aon | PolicyManager demo

Factsheet | Collection

There are various reasons why some payments call for a fairly intensive approach. Our debt collection software offers the perfect solution in such situations. It lets you handle and follow up overdue invoices at file level, and default penalties and interest are calculated automatically.

data-driven organisations

Whitepaper | Data-driven organisations

Onguard’s 3rd annual FinTech Barometer explores the positve impact data and being data-driven can have on organisations. Download the whitepaper.


Factsheet | E-invoicing

“An e-invoicing solution enables your business to exchange data, documents and messages with other businesses and contacts, irrespective of the system or standards the other parties are using.” Learn more about the advantages of E-invoicing by downloading our Factsheet.


Factsheet | Cash Allocation

Download our cash allocation factsheet and see an overview of our cash allocation solution MatchMaker. The extremely extensive and intelligent matching rules help you to automatically match at least 90% of payments to a customer and an invoice. This saves you time and costs right away, so you can focus on exceptions.

specialised credit management solution

Factsheet | CreditManager

For an overview of our solution CreditManager, download this factsheet. A specialised credit management solution ensures an efficient and effective design of your dunning process. This is especially important when dealing with high volumes of debtors and invoices.


Factsheet | Risk Management

For an overview of credit and risk management, download our factsheet. Together with our partners, we offer an integrated risk management solution that combines all the data you may need to secure your company against potential risks.


Whitepaper | CFOs can play a key role in digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential for organisations to respond to constantly changing customer and market needs. Read about the importance of digital transformation, connecting to third party systems and the role of the CFO.

artificial intelligence and robotics

Whitepaper | Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The world is continuously changing and if an organisation wants to keep up, continuous innovation is crucial. Onguard conducted a survey of over 300 finance professionals. The “2018 FinTech Barometer” enquired about the latest trends and developments in finance and the impact on one of the most important processes for organisations’ continuous cash flow: the Order to Cash process.


Whitepaper | Financial cycles

Use the most current data to make decisions and advise customers. What is real-time information, why is it relevant and what does this mean for the future of the finance professional?

Whitepaper | A beginners guide to credit management software

For organisations currently using manual processes, the world of credit management solutions is likely to be unfamiliar. This whitepaper will discuss the basics of credit management software, how your organisation can use it and what benefits these technologies bring.

Big Data

Whitepaper | Big Data

What is big data, how does it come about, what can organisations do with it in finance and Order to Cash and, above all, what benefits can it bring? Find the answers in this whitepaper.

platform economy

Whitepaper | Platform economy

In this whitepaper, we will look at the current and future platform economy, what this means for the order to cash process and how you can turn platform-thinking into a business enabler

personalised communication

Whitepaper | Blockchain

Blockchain: The technology upending our financial world? Or not? Onguard has surveyed more than 1000 finance professionals about their interest and the initiatives already launched in their field. Read the results in our blockchain whitepaper.


Whitepaper | Why settle for less

Don’t just settle for what seems to “do the job”. Think about how a solution can add genuine value to your credit management, your organisation and your customers. Why settle for anything less?

Involving Stakeholders

Whitepaper | Involving stakeholders

Beiträge von Stakeholdern aus anderen Geschäftsbereichen helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Arbeit besser zu machen. Immerhin haben Sie alle das gleiche Ziel. Aber wie können Sie sich mit Stakeholdern zusammenschließen?

Mango Mobility

Whitepaper | The ultimate guide to credit management software

With the right information at your fingertips, you will be able to make informed decisions about credit management software that will lead to the best outcomes for your organisation.

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