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Webinar recording: We’ve got you covered

Credit management strategies are a vital aspect of any business, allowing them to manage their cash flow by devising processes and policies which prevent the late payment or non-payment of invoices. Without an effective strategy in place, a business’ growth may be impeded. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the smooth implementation of a credit management strategy.

Credit management webinair

5 quick wins in credit management webinar

CreditManager is our intelligent web-based complete solution for automation and managing your entire debt management. It gives you insight in and control over your process and contributes to a sustainable customer relationship.

credit scoring

Credit Scoring

MatchMaker offers you the possibility to automatically reconcile and process 80% or more of the payments that are received on a daily basis so you will save time and money. Martin de Heus shows you how you can benefit from MatchMaker.

debtor payments

Debtor payments: How to make it easier for customers to pay?

Making it easy for a non-paying customer, is most probably the aspiration of every credit manager. Why? Because they want to transform non-paying into paid on their reports.

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