Video Interview | Coffee Conversation with Finlay Thomson, Coface


Onguard Coffee Conversations – Interview with Finlay Thomson, Coface on the importance and role of credit insurance

Finlay Thomson has over 10 years of experience in the credit insurance industry and specialises in export. While enjoying an afternoon cuppa, Floor Stam, VP Marketing at Onguard, interviews Finlay on topics related to the role of credit insurance, credit insurance and supply chain, and the importance of being part of an international network. Watch this insightful and informative session below!


Finlay Thomson – Coface Head of Direct Sales for UK

Head of Direct Sales for the UK, Finlay Thomson manages the national team of business development managers supporting new prospects and clients with effective credit protection policies. He has 10+ years in the credit insurance industry and specialises in export for UK based businesses. Finlay has a wealth of experience in providing tailored solutions to more complex businesses and enjoys finding the solutions to support them for “safe trade”. Having worked for 2 world-leading credit insurance companies, Finlay brings a fresh approach to credit insurance and works tirelessly to ensure Coface remains at the forefront of the UK credit insurance market and strives to implement new & innovative ways of supporting business.

Onguard Coffee Conversations

During our coffee conversations, a variety of experts in order-to-cash are interviewed by VP Marketing Floor Stam. Pour yourself a nice cuppa and let our guests inspire you with their visions on order-to-cash, credit management, the financial industry, and the future of business.

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