Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash-platform (part one)


From risk management to bailiff

Order-to-cash is a business process that involves a series of stages, starting with a customer’s purchase and ending with the payment and processing of the invoice.

An efficient and effective order-to-cash process is vital in ensuring a company’s success as well as fostering strong customer relationships. From risk management to credit and receivables management: each stage affects the next. Linking these stages provides companies with greater control over the entire process.

In this webinar, we will discuss all parts of the order-to-cash chain and how they work in combination with CreditManager. We will discuss the following:

  1. Risk management and CreditManager 
  2. Collector and CreditManager 
  3. From Collector to Bailiff

In part 2 we will discuss:

  1. Invoicing and CreditManager
  2. Cash allocation and CreditManager

Would you like to work easier, more efficiently and effectively? Then join us for the webinar: From risk management to bailiff: Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash platform.

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