• Good overview of the work portfolio

  • Readily measurable performance

  • Repetitive tasks are automated

  • Clear insight into activities requiring follow-up

  • Transparent workflows

SWEMP is the name of the collaborative arrangement concluded between five Dutch housing corporations, Staedion, Woonbron, Eigen Haard, Mitros and Portaal. The housing corporations decided to enter into this collaborative agreement when they realised that they were all using the same ERP application and all have comparable processes. The five corporations decided to join forces to increase their strength and achieve a certain degree of harmonisation in their processes.

The corporations were in agreement that their ERP application lacked some credit management and collection functionality such as scheduling options. In addition, the housing sector has to be able to reach good agreements and work with transparent workflows. The SWEMP corporations wish to make sure that their tenants are never evicted because of payment problems, an intention which makes it essential for them to maintain good relations with their tenants. For this reason the corporations wished to increase their professionalisation in this area, a wish that rapidly resulted in their decision to opt for credit management software. Mark van Gorp, SWEMP Project Manager, managed the implementation of Onguard’s CreditManager.

Mark van Gorp SWEMP
“Thanks to the software Excel lists are no longer necessary.”

Mark van GorpProjectmanager / SWEMP