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The Sodexo Group is the largest international On-site Service Solutions organisation in the world. Sodexo is stock market-listed and active in 80 countries worldwide. The results realised with Onguard by Sodexo Netherlands convinced Sodexo Belgium and Italy to work with Onguard and more countries are expected to follow.

Natalie van den Hoogen.‘ Previously, debtor administration was carried out at four different offices; centralisation allowed us to manage the debtor portfolio in a more effective and efficient manner. After a while, our own system was no longer suitable for managing debtors. SAP, the system that streamlines all finances, is a great accounting system and contains various possibilities for overseeing Credit Management. However, the volume and business values at Sodexo are more demanding. The Onguard philosophy, where business contacts are treated like customers instead of debtors, immediately appealed to me. After all, the main thing is to establish longterm relationships and not to focus on short-term objectives’.

Sodexo has more than 15,000 debtors and an appropriately large volume of daily invoices. It is good that we do not have to choose between SAP and Onguard. Both applications are compatible with each other and also complement each other. SAP will remain the leading option as far as administrative data
is concerned. Onguard is used for debtor management and complaint registration.

Sodexo debtor manager


“It is great that we do not have to choose between SAP and Onguard. They are compatible and complement each other. Now we enjoy the benefits of both applications.”

Head Debtor Management, Sodexo