ENGIE Group is the largest and most innovative energy company worldwide. The organisation has a presence in 70 countries, including the Netherlands. It is focused entirely on green energy. This energy is generated naturally: from the sun, wind, water or even from biomass. ENGIE Group consists of ENGIE Services and ENGIE Energy, among other units. In 2017, Services switched from ‘Onguard ICMS’ to CreditManager of Onguard. In doing so, it achieved excellent collection results. ENGIE Energy has also acquired this software. Consequently, both business units now work with CreditManager.

An uninterrupted cash flow and a clear overview of all outstanding invoices and actions are critically important to ENGIE. This is reason enough to opt for comprehensible credit management software. Peter van Eendenburg, Manager Backoffice & Collections at ENGIE: “CreditManager of Onguard offers tangible relief for us. Before, we tried using software of SAP for our credit management. That system is great, but not for the volume of work that awaits us daily. For this, we need specific software packages in addition to the large ERP packages, with which we can assist our customers as quickly and as well as possible. CreditManager serves this purpose.”

Peter van Eendenburg


“The system is proactive, allowing us to focus on what counts: the customer.”

Peter van Eendenburg
Manager Backoffice & Collecting – Engie