Press release: refinement of credit insurance software exclusively for Aon

Onguard begins refinement of credit insurance software exclusively for Aon

Amsterdam, 20 November 2018Onguard, the FinTech company that offers a platform which streamlines the entire order-to-cash process, and risk and insurance advisor Aon, are taking their current collaboration to the next level. Onguard is beginning a refinement of its credit insurance software “PolicyManager” which will be exclusively available to Aon customers. This software links data from credit insurers with receivable and invoice data from the financial systems of Aon’s customers so that, for example, credit limit shortages will be automatically identified. Conversely, Onguard will have access to the global network of Aon, which fits with Onguard’s ambition to be able to offer optimal service to its clients at the international level.

Better information services

This intensified collaboration and upgrade of the software enables Aon’s customers to more quickly obtain better information about insurance options and premium consequences. In addition, PolicyManager saves time, helps employees avoid overlooking information and automates the administrative actions involved in a credit insurance policy, such as the policy application and the management of credit limits. Bert van der Zwan, CEO of Onguard, is looking forward to this new chapter of their collaboration: ‘We have been partners for years and, with the refinement of the multi-tenant cloud product “PolicyManager”, the partnership will be intensified. In the coming time, we will start building the exclusive software for both the national as well as the international customers of Aon. The software will also be seamlessly integrated with Onguard’s other software. We are proud of the fact that Aon is our exclusive partner.’

Remco Beuvens, Chief Development Officer of Aon: ‘We have been working with each other for some time now, and with this next step we show how strong this collaboration is. Onguard is a very reliable partner for us. The use of software for processes, including the servicing of credit insurances and the support of financing opportunities, will only increase. Onguard’s experience in these areas is a good fit with us and this will enable us to serve our customers even better. In everything we do, we put the customer first so that he or she can be a successful entrepreneur. With Onguard’s strategy and the technology it has in-house, we will be able to realise this aim.’