Onguard and Order2Cash transform the order-to-cash process through integration


Onguard and Order2Cash transform the order-to-cash process through integration

Amsterdam, 10 July 2018 – Onguard, the FinTech company offering a platform that streamlines the entire order-to-cash process, has reinforced its partnership with Order2Cash. The Onguard platform integrates the Order2Cash e-Invoicing solution to enable the fully automated presentation and sharing of invoices. Recent studies have shown that nearly 92 percent of electronic invoices are paid on time – unlike paper invoices that are sent and processed manually (45%). The merger allows customers to improve their cash flow by sending digital invoices worldwide in compliance with legislation and regulations.

A single order-to-cash platform

The strategic partnership was based on demand for a fully integrated platform that incorporated the entire order-to-cash chain. Both parties possess the necessary expertise and tools for this process. Onguard’s background lies in credit management software and Order2Cash in electronic invoicing software. Thus, the combined software platform, alongside other tools, has made it possible for customers to obtain a complete overview and control of the payment process.

Daniël van den Hoven, VP of Alliances & Partners at Onguard, explains the integration. “It goes both ways. The integration of the Order2Cash e-Invoicing module enables Onguard customers to send electronic invoices. Order2Cash offers its customers the Onguard solution in its platform. As a result, we have expanded the market and can show companies that the process from customer acceptance to purchase and payment can be more efficient and transparent in a fully integrated platform. We make this possible together with Order2Cash and our other partners.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO at Order2Cash, comments, “What we often see at organisations is that each employee within the Finance Department is responsible for a single aspect of the order-to-cash process. A complete overview is lacking. Therefore integrating all the individual links in this process into one platform provides customers with a 360-degree overview. We are proud of the fact that integrating our e-Invoicing module and our credit management software strengthens both of us.”

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