Onguard webinars show product advantages in cash allocation and credit management software

On a regular basis Onguard organises webinars in which we present our software solutions. This could be a webinar with a general product demo, specific product functionality and how you can use it to benefit your organisation or another subject related to the order to cash process.

In February we have scheduled two webinars.

  • February 1st at 10.30 – 11.00 AM (BST): webinar MatchMaker, our automated reconciliation software.

Experienced credit management consultant, Martin de Heus, will show how MatchMaker realizes considerable savings in time and increased productivity of your employees.

  • February 15th at 10.30 – 11.00 AM (BST): werbinar CreditManager, our credit management software.

CreditManager is our intelligent web-based complete solution for automation and managing the entire debt management. It provides users insight in and control over their process and contributes to a sustainable customer relationshipCredit management advisor Martin de Heus will show how organisations can benefit from integrating CreditManager into their organisation.

Register through webinar MatchMaker and or  webinar CreditManager, free of charge.

About Onguard

In the last 20 years, Onguard has evolved from being a specialist in credit management software to being a market leader in innovative solutions for order to cash. Our integrated platform ensures an optimal connection of all processes in the order to cash chain and allows sharing of critical data. Intelligent tools that can seamlessly be interconnected and together offer an overview and control of the payment process, as well as contribute to a sustainable customer relationship. Every day, users in more than 50 countries use the Onguard platform for successful management and tangible results in order to cash and credit management. More info:

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