New Customer Success Managers at Onguard ensure customers are supported effectively


Amsterdam, 7 February 2018 – Press release

New Customer Success team

Onguard, the FinTech company whose business is based around the Order to Cash process, is growing its team with two Customer Success Managers (CSM). These two positions have been created to support customers in improving their results. Onguard has a strong focus on innovation and the appointment of the Customer Success Managers will help to ensure Onguard can direct its efforts to serve customers as effectively as possible, both now and in the future.

Innovation is the key to success

We created the Customer Success team to enable the organisation to keep up with a changing world. In doing so, it is important to keep the needs of the customer insight. The CSM act as a central point of contact for the customer and remain involved throughout the entire customer life cycle. The aim of having CSMs is to support customers when using the credit management software to ensure their needs are met effectively.

Stephan Schoon, VP Customer Success at Onguard, considers quality to be of paramount importance. Consequently, he is delighted that his team is set to grow with the addition of two CSM: “It is important to stay in touch with developments taking place in this changing world. Customers change and their needs change. As a business, we want to be there ready to support customers through change. We have fantastic software, but it is not the end even after we implement the software. As well as supplying the programs, we want to provide added value for the customer. Our CSM enable us to generate satisfying success stories.”


Onguard’s customers will soon benefit from a single, permanent and reliable point of contact to support them where needed. “We support customers so that they can achieve the best results with backup from us. The CSM have now started in their roles and will approach customers in a phased programme”, explains Schoon.

Lotte Verwijs and Debbie Staat.

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