CreditManager with an Automatic Direct Debit Module


One generic solution for credit management, direct debit and bank processing

Many organisations have set up their direct debit in multiple applications. Therefore, there is not always a complete overview of the entire credit management portfolio. In addition, changes in debtors and (international) changes in SEPA must be made separately in each application. Time-consuming? At Onguard, we think so. That’s why we have developed an innovative module which puts a generic solution into place for direct debit: Direct Debit Module. The simplicity in use, maintenance and management all played a large role in the development process.

Complete credit management ledger

We are introducing Direct Debit in CreditManager 3.6, the newest version. When users implement the module as an umbrella across the various applications, the solution automates both the debt collection and disbursement process and supports the refund process. Therefore, CreditManager can independently function as a complete credit management ledger. The software solution then works on a transactional basis. As a result, CreditManager creates one generic solution for credit management, direct debit and bank processing. In other words, easy to use.

SEPA guarantee

As mentioned, management and maintenance played a role in the development process. Subsequently, the Direct Debit Module is entirely SEPA guaranteed. If there are any (international) changes in the SEPA regulations, we ensure that these are centrally migrated within CreditManager. Therefore, it is not necessary to do this manually in more applications. Users are guaranteed that the solution is continuously up-to-date and remains in accordance with the laws and regulations of SEPA. That prevents mistakes and saves time.

In addition, the collection and disbursement formats have been incorporated into the module as generic, PAIN008 and PAIN001 respectively. As a result, it can be effectively set up with any desired bank. The software uses existing mandates. Because these are agreements that users make with their customers, the user remains responsible for managing and maintaining these mandates.

MatchMaker Integration

If MatchMaker is made an integral part of CreditManager, users will achieve optimal functionality. MatchMaker will automatically clear and process outstanding payments. Therefore, a backlog is immediately highlighted and you are able to be kept track of. This ensures a healthy cash flow for users. A valuable addition in case of high volume invoices and debts; especially with companies in the B2C market.

With the use of the Direct Debit Module within CreditManager, coupled with Matchmaker, users have control over one generic solution to credit management, direct debit and bank processing. A complete overview of the credit management portfolio and a more simple way of managing leaves more time to focus on the important issues. In a nutshell, a more effective credit management system on all levels.

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