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  • Lotte Verwijs en Debbie Staat

New Customer Success Managers at Onguard ensure customers are supported effectively

8th February 2018|0 Comments

Onguard is growing its team with two Customer Success Managers. These two positions have been created to support customers in improving their results. Onguard has a strong focus on innovation and the appointment of the Customer Success Managers will help to ensure Onguard can direct its efforts to serving customers as effectively as possible, both now and in the future.

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Onguard webinars show product advantages in cash allocation and credit management software

30th January 2018|0 Comments

On a regular basis Onguard organises webinars in which we present our software solutions. This could be a webinar with a general product demo, specific product functionality and how you can use it to benefit your organisation or another subject related to the order to cash process.

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Fintech: a revolution in the world of credit management

6th November 2017|0 Comments

Fintech, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – just some of the newest technologies that have been whizzing past our ears. These days, technology is in everything and we are getting better at it all the time.

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Our new Onguard – Long cherished wishes come true

24th October 2017|0 Comments

With great pride I present to you, on behalf of the entire company: our new Onguard. In which we focus on the entire order to cash chain.

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OnGuard and Credit Tools strengthen market leader position in the area of order to cash under the name Onguard

18th October 2017|0 Comments

Onguard’s greatest wish – to become a true FinTech company – is coming true. It wants the same for its clients and other associates.

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CreditManager with an Automatic Direct Debit Module

17th July 2017|0 Comments

Many organisations have set up their direct debit in multiple applications. Therefore, there is not always a complete overview of the entire credit management portfolio.

  • Care4lease

Care4Lease: from credit management in Excel to fully automated credit management

23rd June 2017|0 Comments

Care4Lease, a subsidiary of Bovemij, is a young, fast-growing company located in Nijmegen. They specialise in financing and facilitating car dealerships when setting up their own car leasing company

  • Dudok automatisering financiële administratie

Dudok Wonen automates the debit process with Credit Tools software.

30th May 2017|0 Comments

Dudok Wonen recently implemented the credit management Credit Tools software. As a result, the rent collection process has been greatly automated, leaving more time and space for personal contact with clients.

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Mango Mobility simplifies the process of credit management with CreditManager

9th March 2017|0 Comments

Mango Mobility, a specialist in electrical mobility, simplifies their credit management process with the implementation of CreditManager.

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OnGuard and Credit Tools announce merger

6th December 2016|0 Comments

OnGuard and Credit Tools are combining forces and are announcing a merger. As a result, the position of the new organization as market leader in credit management software in Europe will be further strengthened.