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  • blockchain future for finance professionals

NL – Emerce

24th April 2018|0 Comments

Finance professionals niet bang voor verlies baan door opkomst Blockchain

  • is blockchain de nieuwe finance professional

NL – Accountant week

19th April 2018|0 Comments

Is Blockchain de nieuwe Finance Professional?

  • blockchain experts

NL – Business Intelligence platform

5th April 2018|0 Comments

Nederlandse bedrijven vragen massaal naar Blockchain experts

  • unpaid bills improve with software

UK – Financial Director

5th April 2018|0 Comments

How poor credit management is leaving Britain's businesses with millions of pounds unpaid bills

  • blockchain experts functie

NL – BNR Nieuwsradio

4th April 2018|0 Comments

De Blockchain illusie. Bestaan Blockchain experts wel?

  • finance preparing for blcokchain

UK – Global Banking and Finance Review

17th March 2018|0 Comments

Almost two thirds of finance organisations are preparing for a blockchain revolution

  • how to capture the loyal customer

UK – Global Banking and Finance Review

15th March 2018|0 Comments

The Secrets of Capturing and Retaining the Loyal Customer

  • shifting from time consuming excel sheets to concise credit management


15th March 2018|0 Comments

Shifting from time-consuming Excel sheets to concise credit management