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Martin de Heus VP Sales

VP Sales

“In this webinar I’ll show you how you can benefit from MatchMaker.”

Faster and smarter automated reconciliation of payments

MatchMaker offers you the possibility to automatically reconcile and process 80% or more of the payments that are received on a daily basis so you will save time and money.

Credit management consultant Martin de Heus shows you how you can benefit from MatchMaker.

MatchMaker reconciliation software

Would you like a faster and more accurate reconciliation process? MatchMaker will help you achieve these goals and more!

Benefits for you:

  • Automated payment reconciliation
  • Booking of differences in payments to various ledger accounts
  • Automated distribution of payments
  • Automatic processing of payment discount rules
  • Delivery of journal items to the accounting system of ERP package
  • Easy to integrate into any financial system

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Webinar MatchMaker

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