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Infographic | Order-to-cash integrations

This infographic shows you how each chain in the order-to-cash process seamlessly integrates with CreditManager. Furthermore, it highlights who our integration partners are and the main commercial benefits for you that arise from our integrations.


4 ways to make sure you’re getting the most from your data

Data: we have a lot of it, we gather more of it every day and we look for ways to get even more. But what are you actually doing with it to ensure you optimize your order to cash process?


5 quick fixes to prevent late payments

Late payments are a problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are five steps you can take in order to help you streamline your payment collection processes and improve your business.

Mango Mobility

Provision of financial information: from on-time to real-time

The digital revolution makes it possible to make decisions based on real-time information provision. Will finance cycles change from on-time to real-time?

Trends order-to-cash

Infographic | Current trends in the order-to-cash process

What trends are expected to have the greatest impact on the order-to-cash (O2C) process? And what kind of impact will they have? Onguard explains their answers in this infographic.


A guide to better gap analysis: Measure the performance of your credit management

How do you measure the performance of credit management within your organization? There are different ways which each have their benefits and drawbacks. Two popular methods are gap analysis and benchmarking.

Where to start with the benchmarking process?

Better credit management through benchmarking

How do you measure the performance of credit management within your organisation? There are different ways which each have their benefits and drawbacks.

Involving Stakeholders

Three New Credit Management Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Credit management evolves and grows as new technologies and innovation become available. Thanks to advances in technology, new trends are emerging on the credit management scene. Looking to the year ahead, we foresee three trends having a major impact on the world of credit management.

Credit management webinair

Credit management for insurers: how to keep costs down and ensure happy customers

Stay relevant to your customers. Embrace digitisation within your credit management. Keep your costs down and ensure happy customers.

Avoid non-payment | Four ways to ensure your organisation gets paid

For suppliers and their credit management team, nonpayment of invoices causes a massive headache. It requires extra work to chase for payment and can also significantly impact organisation’s cash flow. It’s vital that businesses ensure they have the correct procedures and policies in place to prevent the nonpayment of invoices. Here are our top four tips to ensure you get paid:


Three business hacks to maintain customer satisfaction, even in the event of payment problems

How do insurance companies make sure they get their invoices paid and keep their customer satisfied and on-board. Onguard gives you three business hacks to implement.


Big data in finance: from descriptive to prescriptive analytics

Combine large sets of (un)structured data from different sources, and use this as a basis for informed decisions, and also to predict customer and debtor behaviour. Onguard looking back add the last Academy with Altares Dun & Bradstreet.


What to know about Finance and IT in 2025

What does the market look like in 6 years? What developments need to be factored in? And how do we ensure that our company keeps adding value? What will the world of finance and IT look like in 2025? Our CEO Bert van der Zwan tells you more.

Big Data in Finance

The enormous potential of big data in finance

Big data in finance has an enormous potential. What are the benefits ? And, more importantly, how can they be harnessed by finance professionals? Read in our blog.


5 steps to a more persuasive email

Email is fantastic for invoicing and payment. Electronic invoices can save you lots of time and money, and invoices will be with your customers almost immediately and might be paid faster.
That means to get the most of your emails, you need to be as persuasive as possible. How do you do that? Here are our suggestions.


From company-centric to customer-centric through innovation and smart partnering

Use innovation such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and smart partnering to really focus on customer-centric instead of company-centric

future of finance

Infographic | Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

A major revolution seems to be taking place within the world of finance. New technology in the form of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial intelligence is being introduced and is likely to transform the future of finance. Onguard’s FinTech Barometer 2018 collected data based on the interviews of over 1000 finance professional. 


The customer pays, so the customer decides

The reasons for late payments vary per situation. There are, however, plenty of tools for ensuring companies pay on time, saving many SMEs

credit scoring

Credit scoring; why, how, what and its advantages

Credit scoring: why, how, what and its advantages If you’re new to credit scoring, you’re likely to have some questions. Here we answer all your questions and show exactly how credit scoring will benefit your business’ cashflow. As a collector, you come into contact with all kinds of customers. Some regularly pay their suppliers on […]

Infographic | Customer Engagement

It is about time businesses realise that the entire organisation is responsible for ensuring customer engagement. Moreover, it is a company-wide responsibility that the customer journey is a positive experience. Subsequently, the same applies to the credit management department, an important intermediate station where organisations can truly make a difference.


Credit Management and Marketing – It’s all relative

It used to be that segmenting and profiling was purely exclusive to the marketing departments of the world. However, as technology has naturally grown and evolved, so has this perception. Anyone who still holds on to the belief that these tools are limited only to marketing departments is very much out of date with the latest methods of credit management.


Order-to-cash synonymous with collaboration, integration and performance

Integration with Order2Cash
In a time when consumers can choose from a tremendous variety of products and services, organisations need to differentiate themselves. Responding quickly by means of digital platforms is a must. After all, the goal is to not only to sell to customers, but to retain them.

personalized communication

Providing credit managers with a new sense of visibility

The relationship between a company and its customers goes far beyond just a signature on a quote. Of course it is important that products or services reach the customer, but a relationship is only really tested when a customer no longer pays the invoices. A good customer relationship and a personal approach can in that case be decisive. The credit manager needs more than an Excel spreadsheet with financial and invoicing data..

financial world

How blockchain is revolutionising the financial world

Onguard teamed up with employment agency Career Control and debt collection agency Flanderijn to organise an Onguard Academy on the subject of blockchain.

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