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payment methods

Payments in the business market 2022: heading for a level playing field

There are now quite a few companies that have crypto on their balance sheet. Time to take stock – what does it currently mean for businesses?

Intelligent automation

Infographic | Intelligent Automation in the order-to-cash process

Automation as a general concept has long been in existence, with ambitious organisations and individuals searching for clever ways of transforming time-consuming manual processes. While ideal in terms of efficiency, what if automation could go a step further and replic ate the human thought-process?

Setup pahse, Visma | Onguard

Why Intelligent Automation is a must-have in a future-proof financial policy

Intelligent Automation (IA) takes financial process automation to the next level. For the half of finance professionals not clear on how IA can assist in their organisation, it’s important to analyse its core features and explore why it’s indispensable in future-proofing business operations.


5 benefits of turbocharging your accounts receivable management

How can you speed up the accounts receivable process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? Read our four top tips.

Four steps to integrating Intelligent Automation in the finance department

As the newest innovation in finance, Intelligent Automation is one that organisations can’t afford to let pass by. It truly takes financial process automation to the next level. In addition to helping maintain a high-quality customer service, it also complements the existing skillset of finance professionals in the industry.


Why the credit team is a valuable line of defence against fraud

Bad debt can have catastrophic consequences for any business, with different industries each having their own vulnerabilities. For example, for organisations that provide machinery, vehicles and other costly assets, the threat of these going missing is a serious concern. PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey discovered that in 2020, 47% of companies had experienced fraud in the past 24 months, with an average of six reported per company. Undoubtedly, the threat of fraud is growing.

scale up your order-to-cash

Overcoming data overwhelm in the finance department

Data is now the lifeblood of business. Driving digital transformation initiatives across finance departments requires visibility of data assets and the right technology in place to truly harness it. Undoubtedly, data overwhelm among finance professionals is real, but how best do they overcome this feeling?

Financiele prognose

Data is the key to agile financial forecasting

As the last year has shown, financial forecasting can be subject to unforeseen changes in circumstances that require a different strategy with little notice. This is where agility in financial forecasting is vital to ensure that businesses have the necessary resilience to prepare for the unexpected, and data is a crucial piece of the planning puzzle. With this in mind, how best can organisations plan ahead with their finances?


Getting paid in a perfect storm: six benefits of an order-to-cash platform

The pandemic has created financial uncertainity for many businesses leading to a continuous rise in DSO rates and overal business debt. In such challenging times, an order-to-cash platform can be of instrumental help in getting paid.

Finance department

From Excel to Excelling with Credit Management Software

Companies are looking to the future and as a result, are updating their systems and moving away from legacy systems. We are seeing a growing number of companies turning their back on Excel and alternatively bringing in new credit management systems with a focus on improving time management.

Risk management

Mitigating risk with real-time credit information

Mitigating risk and the role of real-time data, how this contributes to making data-driven decisions and why it doesn’t always pay to buy cheap.

Diversity in the business world

Making progress: Championing diversity in the business world

International Women’s Day is the pefect opportunity to look into the development of diversity in the business world. :ooking inwardly in the fintech industry, female representation outside of traditional job titles is still low.

complaint handling

Complaint handling and workflows in CreditManager

A complaint handling procedure as part of your dunning strategy is essential. The quicker a complaint is picked up and resolved, the happier the customer becomes, resulting in a faster-paid invoice.

monitoring and reporting

Using CreditManager for Reporting and Monitoring

Monitoring payments and invoices and reporting on them is crucial in credit management. With our software tool CreditManager, you are able to automate monitoring and reporting. Read about some of the key benefits and features.


Q&A 4 | Why should I switch from Excel to credit management software?

In instalment four of our Q&A series, Debbie Staat, Manager Customer Success & Support, discusses how businesses can embrace the future of credit management technology – leaving legacy systems behind and investing in new software to help streamline processes and payments.


Q&A 3 | How can I create an effective risk strategy within my order-to-cash process?

In this blog we take a look at how businesses can implement risk-reducing measures to boost the likelihood of timely payments during turbulent economic times.


The pros and cons of cloud software

In recent years, more and more businesses have begun to adopt cloud software. In this post, we look at the benefits of implementing cloud-based solutions and how their use can help businesses add value.

Onguard Training

How to create a business case for software implementation

It is important to know how to create a successful business case to justify the expense of new software and ensure it delivers true value to an organisation. Carl Lancaster, Head of credit management at Peninsula, shares his experience with implementing Visma | Onguard’s CreditManager and the importance of a clear and organised business case.


Improve your O2C by optimising your current ERP

Order-to-cash (OTC) is a complicated process, and to do it successfully, you’re going to need a lot of different tools at your disposal. ERP in conjunction with credit management software improves cash flow.


4 ways to turbocharge accounts receivable

How can you speed up the accounts receivable process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? Read our four top tips.


Cash before breakfast | Start your day productive!

Companies that have adopted advanced cash allocation systems utilizing AI, RPA and machine learning techniques can complete the daily cash allocation task within minutes or hours rather than days and sometimes weeks. This enables their allocation agents to start the day with a collections book that does not contain scheduled calls to chase overdue debt that has already been paid.

Group of multi ethnic executives working on a project. Business people analyzing statistic.

How can credit management software stimulate collaboration?

Collaboration across departments is important to get the most from credit management. But who should credit management teams collaborate with, and how?

Q&A 2 | How can credit departments help to strengthen customer relationships?

In the second installment of our new Q&A series, Cor Makkinje, Manager Professional Services, talks tactics on strengthening customer relationships to boost trust and increase retention through challenging times.

customer segmentation

Customer segmentation: how, what, why

It is easy to underestimate the value of data you have on customers. But in fact, it is the best way of building up a solid profile of your customers that can have a major impact on credit management.


How to create the right dunning strategy for your organisation

Dunning, also known as collection management, is a vital process in credit control an allows businesses to be better prepared to overcome challenges.

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