Digital transformation

Infographic | Data driven organisations

The more insight a company has about its customers, the better it can assess their needs – and the more informed its actions will be. Onguard interviewed over 1,000 UK finance professionals to investigate how data-driven organisations are.

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Integrated order-to-cash process improves customer experience

This blog explores which processes in the order-to-cash chain can and should be integrated, some of the technology needed to make this happen and the advantages of doing this.


The changing role of the CFO

The CFO’s role is evolving due to automation technologies being used in financial processes. Real-time access to data gives valuable insights.


Infographic | Order-to-cash integrations

This infographic shows you how each chain in the order-to-cash process seamlessly integrates with CreditManager. Furthermore, it highlights who our integration partners are and the main commercial benefits for you that arise from our integrations.


How to minimise risk in your order-to-cash process

In this blog, we look at our top three tips to minimise risk in your organisation’s order-to-cash process, from taking out insurance policies to implementing new technology.

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How to create a business case for software implementation

It is important to know how to create a successful business case to justify the expense of new software and ensure it delivers true value to an organisation. Carl Lancaster, Head of credit management at Peninsula, shares his experience with implementing Onguard’s CreditManager and the importance of a clear and organised business case.


4 ways to make sure you’re getting the most from your data

Data: we have a lot of it, we gather more of it every day and we look for ways to get even more. But what are you actually doing with it to ensure you optimize your order to cash process?

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Infographic | Finance cycles

Real-time information and reports are becoming the norm. How do finance professionals report, where do they store data and how do they use this data?


5 quick fixes to prevent late payments

Late payments are a problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are five steps you can take in order to help you streamline your payment collection processes and improve your business.


4 ways to turbocharge accounts receivable

How can you speed up the accounts receivable process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? Read our four top tips.

robotics and ai

How Robotics and AI could instigate a revolution in the finance sector

How Robotics and AI could instigate a revolution in the finance sector A major revolution seems to be taking place within the world of finance. The introduction of new technology in the form of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI looks set to overhaul the way we work. Businesses have traditionally been limited to IT […]


The pros and cons of cloud software

In recent years, more and more businesses have begun to adopt cloud software. In this post, we look at the benefits of implementing cloud-based solutions and how their use can help businesses add value.

personalised communication

Personalised communication modules makes things easier for customers

Personalised communication modules ensure that the communication within the organisation is also smooth during the last steps in the Order to Cash process. Each contact moment is an opportunity to satisfy customers.

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Provision of financial information: from on-time to real-time

The digital revolution makes it possible to make decisions based on real-time information provision. Will finance cycles change from on-time to real-time?

Trends order-to-cash

Infographic | Current trends in the order-to-cash process

What trends are expected to have the greatest impact on the order-to-cash (O2C) process? And what kind of impact will they have? Onguard explains their answers in this infographic.

digitale transformatie

Infographic | Digital Transformation in Insurance

How do finance professionals working in the insurance industry and financial services view the current trends and developments in digital transformation? Check out our infographic.


A guide to better gap analysis: Measure the performance of your credit management

How do you measure the performance of credit management within your organization? There are different ways which each have their benefits and drawbacks. Two popular methods are gap analysis and benchmarking.

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From Excel to Excelling with Credit Management Software

Companies are looking to the future and as a result, are updating their systems and moving away from legacy systems. We are seeing a growing number of companies turning their back on Excel and alternatively bringing in new credit management systems with a focus on improving time management.


Benchmarking: where do you start?

How do you measure the performance of credit management within your organisation? There are different ways which each have their benefits and drawbacks.

Involving Stakeholders

Three New Credit Management Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Credit management evolves and grows as new technologies and innovation become available. Thanks to advances in technology, new trends are emerging on the credit management scene. Looking to the year ahead, we foresee three trends having a major impact on the world of credit management.

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Credit management for insurers: how to keep costs down and ensure happy customers

Stay relevant to your customers. Embrace digitisation within your credit management. Keep your costs down and ensure happy customers.

Avoid non-payment | Four ways to ensure your organisation gets paid

For suppliers and their credit management team, nonpayment of invoices causes a massive headache. It requires extra work to chase for payment and can also significantly impact organisation’s cash flow. It’s vital that businesses ensure they have the correct procedures and policies in place to prevent the nonpayment of invoices. Here are our top four tips to ensure you get paid:


Customer segmentation: how, what, why

It is easy to underestimate the value of data you have on customers. But in fact, it is the best way of building up a solid profile of your customers that can have a major impact on credit management.

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How to ensure better results from credit management

For truly successful credit management, you must implement the right technology, processes and policies. So, how do you ensure you get the most from credit management software and processes? We’ve highlighted some key areas to get you started.

customer relationships

Relationships matter in order-to-cash

Order to Cash: it sounds like such a simple thing doesn’t it? An order comes in, and then a little while later some cash follows it. If only it were that easy! In fact, order to cash (O2C) is a complicated process that requires a lot of work to get it to flow smoothly – and one important part is customer relationships.

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