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Infographic Finance cycles

Real-time information and reports are becoming the norm. How do finance professionals report, where do they store data and how do they use this data?


Bottomed Out: Insolvencies Rising in Uncertain Financial Markets

Make sure your invoice gets paid. Use technologies around finance and payments and above all keep communicating with customers and in turn help restore the consumers faith in this uncertain economy.

reporting and monitoring

Covering credit risks: more than one road leads to Rome

What can businesses, and particularly the credit management department, do to keep credit risks to an absolute minimum.
Bert van der Zwan, CEO of Onguard, and Remco Beuvens, CDO of Aon, talk about this in their blog.


The future of Credit Management

AI, robotics (RPA) and blockchain technology are set to impact the credit management field. Not only changing the day to day processes but also the role of credit managers and the future of the industry.

complaint handling

Complaint handling and workflows in CreditManager

A complaint handling procedure as part of your dunning strategy is essential. The quicker a complaint is picked up and resolved, the happier the customer becomes, resulting in a faster-paid invoice.

future of finance

Infographic Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

A major revolution seems to be taking place within the world of finance. New technology in the form of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial intelligence is being introduced and is likely to transform the future of finance. Onguard’s FinTech Barometer 2018 collected data based on the interviews of over 1000 finance professional. 

credit management software

Platforms providing an easier life

A world without platforms has become unthinkable. All the correct information available in one system without switching between applications. Read about the pros and cons of using B2B platforms.

platform economy

Successful connections within the platform economy

Successful connections within the platform economy People have always sought to connect with one another. In prehistoric times there was safety in numbers. Living together in communities made them stronger and significantly increased the chances of survival. However, prehistoric communities formed on a relatively small scale and human interaction was limited. Today’s interconnectedness has exponentially […]

automated reconciliation

The future of MatchMaker

Onguard’s MatchMaker is benefitting from the fast-growing adoption of automation technology that has cascaded throuhout the entire financial ecosystem. Onguard is committed to making investments in MatchMaker’s future, adding to its functionality and making it more useable and flexible.


MatchMaker: A new era for reconciliation

Within the finance and accounting departments of many businesses and organisations throughout the world, reconciliation is one of the most time-consuming tasks of the day. It is viewed as an arduous task met with sighs and resistance. It is the never ending and ever-expanding work load which entails matching invoices with payments.

credit scoring

Credit scoring; why, how, what and its advantages

Credit scoring: why, how, what and its advantages If you’re new to credit scoring, you’re likely to have some questions. Here we answer all your questions and show exactly how credit scoring will benefit your business’ cashflow. As a collector, you come into contact with all kinds of customers. Some regularly pay their suppliers on […]


Credit Management and Marketing – It’s all relative

It used to be that segmenting and profiling was purely exclusive to the marketing departments of the world. However, as technology has naturally grown and evolved, so has this perception. Anyone who still holds on to the belief that these tools are limited only to marketing departments is very much out of date with the latest methods of credit management.


Order-to-cash synonymous with collaboration, integration and performance

Integration with Order2Cash
In a time when consumers can choose from a tremendous variety of products and services, organisations need to differentiate themselves. Responding quickly by means of digital platforms is a must. After all, the goal is to not only to sell to customers, but to retain them.

personalized communication

Providing credit managers with a new sense of visibility

The relationship between a company and its customers goes far beyond just a signature on a quote. Of course it is important that products or services reach the customer, but a relationship is only really tested when a customer no longer pays the invoices. A good customer relationship and a personal approach can in that case be decisive. The credit manager needs more than an Excel spreadsheet with financial and invoicing data..

smart contracts

Confidence: the cornerstone of blockchain

Confidence: the cornerstone of blockchain
Blockchain and smart contracts are capable of upending our entire economy and employment market. The technology is very promising, but a very important, perhaps essential aspect still lacks, namely, confidence. Confidence in blockchain technology giving opportunities in order to cash and credit management.

financial world

How blockchain is revolutionising the financial world

Onguard teamed up with employment agency Career Control and debt collection agency Flanderijn to organise an Onguard Academy on the subject of blockchain.

first aid credit managers

First aid for credit managers

Inefficient processes cost much time and they can lead to inconvenient situations for the credit manager and organisation. Examples of this are dissatisfied clients, a high DSO and an unstable cash flow. These situations can be prevented instead of having to stick on a plaster after the event. .

Avoid credit risk

Top tips to avoid credit risk

What can you do to mitigate the risk of bad credit, and prevent time wastage through having to chase up payments? In this blog: some tips to avoid unpaid credit.


4 ways to turbocharge accounts receivable

How can you speed up the accounts receivable process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? Read our four top tips.

fintech barometer

Infographic Fintech Barometer 2018

Blockchain – De technologie die onze financiële wereld op zijn kop zet? Of toch niet? Lees de cijfers en resultaten in onderstaande infografic gebasseerd op de Onguard FinTech Barometer 2018. 


From Excel to credit management software: how to make a business case

Dutch companies are among the fastest payers in the world. Dutch companies pay invoices within 46 days. Good news! But is this really something to be happy about?


Don’t turn your customers into spreadsheets

Let’s face it: tracking customer details and interactions is just too much for a spreadsheet to cope with – no matter how good you are at setting them up. With so much that can go wrong with a spreadsheet, businesses need to understand that there are better alternatives

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