Infographic | Order-to-cash


An overview of the order-to-cash process

The order-to-cash process starts with the customer placing an order and concludes with the payment of the invoice. Every company selling a product or service wants to receive payment for it. Although it sounds simple, it actually involves many steps that need to flow seamlessly from one to the next. Automating the process and managing it through a single platform is the ideal solution. This makes the whole process more efficient and helps to build strong customer relationships. At Onguard we created this easy-to-read infographic to give you a simple overview of the entire order-to-cash process. From risk management to invoicing, payment processing, debtor management and collection to, if necessary,  a transfer to a bailiff. (Click picture to enlarge)

Whitepaper Platform Economy

Companies nowadays are increasingly interconnected, largely due to the digitalisation of society and the emergence of social media and mobile devices. As a result, we have created platform economies – flexible economies that connect people, organisations, products and services with one another. These connections, or links, are precisely what forms the basis of the platform economy. Unifying supply and demand forms the basis for these economies. Hence, the platforms streamlines data and information exchanged between various actors.

Within IT, there is an increasing number of platforms that require connections with and integrations between systems. This is not just to increase efficiency but also to realise customer-focused service provision. In this whitepaper Platform Economy, we look at the current and future platform economy. Furthermore, we delve into what this means for the order-to-cash process and how you can turn platform-thinking into a business enabler.

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