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From risk-management to bailiff: Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash platform

Credit management lies at the heart of what we do at Onguard. Our intelligent software solution, CreditManager, is a web-based solution that automates all aspects of credit management. It is the foundation on which we are creating our fully integrated API platform. As a result, through critical data sharing, you gain control of the entire order-to-cash process from risk management, invoicing and cash allocation to credit management, collections and bailiff. This infographic shows you how each chain in the order-to-cash process seamlessly integrates with CreditManager. Furthermore, it highlights who our integration partners are and the main commercial benefits for you that arise from our integrations.

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integrated order-to-cash

Whitepaper Integrations 

Onguard’s CreditManager ensures that outstanding invoices are paid as soon as possible, without putting undue pressure on the relationship with the customer. CreditManager was developed by Onguard and communicates with leading ERP applications. As a tool, it provides access to all relevant customer and billing data. By linking this stage of the order-to-cash process to the other stages, it is possible to access accurate information in the right area of the order-to-cash process at any time. But how do you transition from separate stages to a single high-performance platform?

Our whitepaper Integrations explains how Onguard assembled a single integrated order-to-cash platform from the point of view of credit management. It discusses how different solutions integrate with our CreditManager application and exactly what each tool does. Furthermore, it covers the benefits that arise from integrating the different solutions.

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