Infographic | Financial stability in automotive sector


How to ensure financial stability in the dynamic automotive sector

There is a great deal of conversation around cars, more so than ever before. Technological developments, climate agreements and the mobility behaviour of consumers are causing a disruption in the automotive sector and raising many questions. When will self-driving, autonomous cars become commonplace? Should everyone invest in electric cars, and are there other alternatives to combat increasing CO2 emissions? These developments are having a big influence on every process within the automotive sector including the financial ones like the order-to-cash process. But what benefits does a well-streamlined order-to-cash process offer?

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Whitepaper Financial stability in the automotive industry

The automotive sector is under pressure from up-and-coming trends, climate agreements and the mobility behaviour of consumers. The digitisation and farreaching personalisation of customer communication also play a major role in this development. What impact will all of this have on customer behaviour? How can you distinguish yourself as an organisation within the automotive sector when the differences between you and your competitors are growing smaller? And how do you maintain control of your customers’ payment performance and your cash flow? Download our Automotive Whitepaper to get a closer look at trends in the sector. You’ll also get insight into how changing financial processes contribute to greater customer satisfaction, customer retention and continuity within the organisation.

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