//An optimal order to cash process? Turn your weakest link into your strongest link!

An optimal order to cash process

The order to cash process, the process from the moment of purchase until payment, is a complicated chain with many loose links. It is important to eliminate weak links if you want the entire order to cash process to function at its best. Simply stated, the weakest link influences the entire chain, which is exactly what an organisation wants to avoid. Each link within this process impacts the organisation’s main focus: customer satisfaction and continuous cash flow. With that said, how efficient and effective is your order to cash process? Marco den Haan, CEO of Gallus Credit Agency, shares hands-on insights that can help improve the order to cash process immediately in the ‘6 insights to help optimise your order to cash process’ webinar.

  • Insight thanks to the quick scan

It is important to address the weak link in the order to cash process responsible for unsatisfied customers or cash flow that is not up to par. In fact, it can be that multiple links can be the culprit. A quick scan provides insight into what is going well and indicates where changes could be made. Moreover, it provides the perfect starting point for any credit manager who wants to make the process more efficient. Once the scan’s results have been presented, it’s time to work on the insights.

  • Guarantee the presence of initiators

Effective action might be the most difficult part. After all, how does an organisation ensure effective optimisation in this era of immense technological development? Optimisation goes hand in hand with automation, which means that decent software is required. In addition, a broad support base within the organisation is essential for the implementation of the optimisation efforts. Den Haan states, the appointment of initiators such as project managers or chain directors, who can ensure that small achievements are booked continuously, will ensure that the organisation is willing to accept changes and that the main goal – a chain without weak links – is accomplished.

Curious about the other insights that Marco den Haan will share to help optimise your organisation’s order to cash process? Join us for the webinar on Thursday, 21 June, organised by Onguard and Gallus Credit Agency.

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