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Need efficiency in your organisation? The answer: Financial Shared Service Centres

In a world that is all about efficiency, optimising your organisational structure is an essential process made possible with FSSCs.

Data driven credit management

Data-driven credit management software for customer segmentation and customer management

Using credit management software makes it possible to bring together all customer information and generate a comprehensive customer profile. It also enables automatic profiling and segmentation. This creates a 360° view of customers, reducing risks of unpaid invoices and improving predictability of cash flow. And therefore, in the long run, customer satisfaction, or customer experience. How? We explain that in the blog below. Read further and discover how Visma | Onguard’s credit management solution can help your organisation streamline its customer journey.

scalability finance professional

Staying agile and ahead with fintech

Fintech is changing the way we do business and makes our financial lives easier. Not only for individuals, but especially for businesses.

crypto finance professional

Dive into the wondrous world of crypto, NFTs and smart contracting

Web3 innovations are still in their infancy, but developments are moving fast. This creates opportunities to experiment.

scalability finance professional

Four steps to scaling with fintech

A firm grip on digital strategies is key. These four core technologies should feature in your growth plans and assist you with scaling.

web3 finance professional

Business uses of three domains within Web3

Web3 innovations are gaining ground in the business world, yet finance professionals are still hesitant to look at these innovations.

payment methods

Payments in the business market 2022: heading for a level playing field

There are now quite a few companies that have crypto on their balance sheet. Time to take stock – what does it currently mean for businesses?

security red teams

Red Teams are making the internet a safer place

With the high increase in cyber crime all over the world, many people and organisations are worried about becoming the next victim.

escape excel finance professional

Almost half of financial professionals are still using Excel for debtor management

Despite the increasing availability of innovative new software on the market, nearly half of finance professionals can’t escape from Excel.

scaling up office

Scalability and the role of fintech

Finance departments can quickly veer into risk-taking territory if the debtor book gets out of control. Scalability is a must.

nfts web3 blockchain

5 things every business leader should know about Web 3.0

During our Coffee Conversation with Vera Schut and Bas, we talked about NFTs, Metaverse, smart contracts, blockchain and last but not least: Web3. In this blog, I will take you through the definition of the buzzwords of the digital world.

cloud software colleagues

Why using cloud software will help add value to your business

We look at the benefits of implementing cloud-based solutions and how their use can help businesses add value to their organisation.

accounts receivable

Five ways for automotive companies to shift their accounts receivable management into the next gear

Accounts receivable seems fairly straightforward but those who know the process a little better know it is rarely that simple.

success in finance

Shaping a futureproof finance department in a post-pandemic society

The unavoidable need to futureproof practices has forced companies and employees to adapt to a new way of life.

key to getting paid faster

How to get your invoices paid faster as an automotive and transport entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur struggles with the question: how do I get my invoices paid faster? We will help you on your way with four tips.

boardroom risk reduction

Risk-reducing measures to boost timely payments in a post-pandemic world

When the pandemic began, the focus was on freeing up cash and resources to stay afloat, but many businesses are still facing challenges.


4 tips to lower your DSO

How can companies avoid payment pitfalls and lower their DSO in times of economic uncertainty? Read our blog to find out 4 of our top tips!

changing role of cfo colleagues

The changing role of the CFO

In recent years, as technology has evolved, so too has finance departments. How does it effect the changing role of the CFO?

blockchain blockers

Breaking down blockchain barriers

Blockchain has been on the radar for some time but is a poorly understood term. What can you do to break down blockers to blockchain?

Customer satisfaction automotive

Want to keep customer satisfaction high within automotive? Ensure an optimal order-to-cash process

Want to keep customer satisfaction high within the automotive sector? A good order-to-cash and credit management process helps in your services. Even with less well-paying customers.

Two men working in a modern office

How to get paid faster

While most businesses have the best of intentions to pay faster, economically uncertain times can get in the way, and this can have a significant impact on the receiving company’s cash flow. How do organisations ensure they get paid?

two women in credit management

Digital transformation in credit management: how far have we come?

In a previous blog we discussed AI and RPA. So how far have we come and what obstacles remain for digital transformation?

woman on phone

How adopting robots can help you to achieve your data-driven dreams

Robotics such as RPA and IA continue to have a major impact in financial organisations and achieving their data-driven dreams.

fintech people

Infographic | Fintech in the order-to-cash process

After four years of research, we have now collected so much data that we can chart developments over the years. This has given us insight into a range of interesting trends, such as, the technology trends being most widely embraced, and how developments on both sides of The Channel differ from each other.

team jumbo-visma cyclist

Risk management in finance and in top sport: what are the similarities?

In the area of risk management there are many similarities between finance departments and top-level sports than you may think.

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