Making crucial decisions in times of crisis: should they be based on gut feeling or data?

How can companies mitigate vast levels of unknown risk? Finance departments play an important role here: using facts, figures and in-depth analysis to determine which risks are worth taking, which investments should be made and which should be avoided. Data is an essential part of the process.


Q&A 3 | How can i create an effective risk strategy within my order-to-cash process?

In the third instalment of our Q&A series, Daniel van den Hoven, VP of Partners and Alliances, discusses how businesses can implement risk-reducing measures to boost the likelihood of timely payments during turbulent economic times.


MatchMaker: A new era for reconciliation

Within the finance and accounting departments of many businesses and organisations throughout the world, reconciliation is one of the most time-consuming tasks of the day. It is viewed as an arduous task met with sighs and resistance. It is the never ending and ever-expanding work load which entails matching invoices with payments.

Q&A 2 | How can credit departments help to strengthen customer relationships?

In the second installment of our new Q&A series, Wolter Kreun, VP Professional Services and Customer Service talks tactics on strengthening customer relationships to boost trust and increase retention through challenging times.


Q&A 1 | How do I gain better visibility of my accounts?

In the first of our new Q&A series, Raymon van Viegen, CFO, Onguard, answers a query around how to gain better visibility of accounts in uncertain times.


4 tips to lower your DSO

How can companies avoid payment pitfalls and lower their DSO in times of economic uncertainty? Read our blog to find out 4 of our top tips!


Credit Management Software: Hosted vs On-Premise

In the current era of increased virtual and remote working, hosted or cloud software is becoming more attractive. When deciding whether to opt for an on-premise or hosted software, there are many things to consider, from cost and (remote) accessibility to management and scalability. Let’s look at each of these considerations in turn and how the two options compare.


Why your organisation should move to e-invoicing

Invoicing is a crucial phase within the order-to-cash process. The process of manually creating and sending invoices has many drawbacks and can have significant repercussions. For instance, research has found that 61% of late payments are due to incorrect invoices. Meanwhile, 11% of customers never receive their invoice in the first place. Optimise your e-invoicing and save time and money.

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How to get paid faster

While most businesses have the best of intentions to pay faster, economically uncertain times can get in the way, and this can have a significant impact on the receiving company’s cash flow. How do organisations ensure they get paid?


How to Increase Your Employees Productivity

Increasing productivity is not about working harder, but rather about working smarter. How do you increase employee productivity in credit management? 


How to minimise risk in the automotive order-to-cash process

Effective risk management reduces the likelihood of non-payment. For the automotive sector, where high-value payments are often due every month, being able to assure those payments will be made is essential. Read this blog to find out some of the ways you can reduce risk in your automotive order-to-cash process.

Digital transformation

Infographic | The CFO and digital transformation

How far have CFOs got in their digital transformation journey? Onguard conducted research to discover how UK CFOs’ view digital transformation and made an infographic about it.

Group of multi ethnic executives working on a project. Business people analyzing statistic.

How can credit management software stimulate collaboration?

Collaboration across departments is important to get the most from credit management. But who should credit management teams collaborate with and how?


Are Finance professional jobs really at risk?

Digitalisation and the emergence of new technologies are set to change the financial job market. However, how at risk are finance professionals?

Intelligent car, intelligent vehicle and smart cars concept. Symbol of the car and wireless communication. Abstract chip with symbol of the car connected with abstract devices represented by points.

Infographic | Financial stability in automotive sector

How to ensure financial stability in the dynamic, ever-changing automotive sector.

Close-up Of A Robotic Hand Calculating Bills Using Calculator In Office

What can credit managers expect in 2020 | Tech trends

What will become of finance professionals in 2020 and what technologies and trends should credit managers look out for?

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How to ensure customer retention and satisfaction and optimum cash flow within the automotive sector

How can data be used effectively in the order-to-cash process. A personalised approach to communication results in optimum cash flow and high customer satisfaction. But how do you set it up?


The importance of digital transformation within finance

As 2020 approaches, digital transformation is an incredibly important step for your business. Read this blog to find out just how important it is within finance.

Big Data trends

Using CreditManager alongside your existing ERP software for data exchange

How to use CreditManager alongside your existing ERP software to ensure efficient and accurate data exchange. Enrich your data with CreditManager.

Digital transformation

The importance of a single platform for the order-to-cash process

Digital transformation is key to organisations. Collect, analyse and share data. How do you keep an overview, what connections are necessary to keep up with the continuous change in customer needs? How do you ensure a streamlined and well-organised order-to-cash process and what role does the CFO play in this?


4 steps to agile software implementation

When adopting new software, it’s crucial that it is implemented correctly. That’s why at Onguard we believe in agile software implementation. Agile project delivery has also been found to be 28% more successful than traditional methods


Want to keep customer satisfaction high within automotive? Ensure an optimal order-to-cash process

Want to keep customer satisfaction high within the automotive sector? A good order-to-cash and credit management process helps in your services. Even with less well-paying customers.

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Integrated order-to-cash process improves customer experience

This blog explores which processes in the order-to-cash chain can and should be integrated, some of the technology needed to make this happen and the advantages of doing this.


The changing role of the CFO

The CFO’s role is evolving due to automation technologies being used in financial processes. Real-time access to data gives valuable insights.


Infographic | Order-to-cash integrations

This infographic shows you how each chain in the order-to-cash process seamlessly integrates with CreditManager. Furthermore, it highlights who our integration partners are and the main commercial benefits for you that arise from our integrations.

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