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CEO | On June 1st 2016 Bert van der Zwan took over the CEO position from former CEO and founder David Taylor. Drawing on his extensive finance and IT experience, Bert will build on the company’s growth and continue to enable businesses, across multiple sectors, to improve the health of their working capital. Bert has held a number of successful leadership roles in companies such as WebEx, Twinfield, Rally, Cisco and Unit4. Bert has contributed to impressive international expansions and successfully took Rally software public. In February 2015, he assumed the position of Chairman of the OnGuard Board where he got to know OnGuard’s vision, solutions and goals. Van der Zwan: “I’m very excited to be leading OnGuard into its next chapter. The company’s mission to build more resilient businesses by reducing the risks associated with cash flow is vital to global firms in times of uncertainty. This mission, alongside my experience in expanding international companies, means there are some really exciting years ahead.” | “We use innovation, new technology, and knowledge-sharing to offer our customers a financially healthy future.”