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Raymon van Viegen appointed new CFO at Onguard

9th May 2018|0 Comments

Raymon van Viegen (37) is the new CFO at Onguard, the FinTech company that specialises in order-to-cash solutions. Van Viegen, who took over the role from Eri Guci at the end of April, will be focussing on process optimisation within the organisation.

  • holding credit tools and onguard

Businesses set for blockchain transformation

24th April 2018|0 Comments

More than a quarter (30%) of finance professionals believe that blockchain technology has the ability to offer enhanced data security in their organisation, while over half (51%) are confident that their organisation will be working with smart contracts incorporated in blockchain by this time next year.

Almost two thirds of finance organisations are preparing for a blockchain revolution

4th April 2018|0 Comments

Nearly two thirds (65%) of finance organisations are already prepared or preparing for an initiative related to blockchain, an in-depth study of over 1000 finance professionals has revealed.

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Onguard is aiming for growth with the expansion of its management team

21st February 2018|0 Comments

Onguard expanded its management team effective 1 January. Wolter Kreun (33) was appointed Manager Professional Services to strengthen the management team. Martin de Heus (35), VP Sales, is also new to the team. The latter succeeds former Sales Director John Scholte.



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Confidence: the cornerstone of blockchain

11th June 2018|0 Comments

Confidence: the cornerstone of blockchain Blockchain and smart contracts are capable of upending our entire economy and employment market. The technology is very promising, but a very important, perhaps essential aspect still lacks, namely, confidence. Confidence in blockchain technology giving opportunities in order to cash and credit management.

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An optimal order to cash process? Turn your weakest link into your strongest link!

1st June 2018|0 Comments

The order to cash process is a complicated chain with many loose links. Each link within this process impacts the organisation's main focus: customer satisfaction and continuous cash flow. How efficient and effective is your order to cash process?

  • infographic customer engagement 2018

Infographic Customer Engagement 2018

24th May 2018|0 Comments

Credit management is an important intermediate in the journey towards customer engagement. How to truly make the difference? The facts & figures lead to the following logical steps towards customer satisfaction.

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Webinar recording: MatchMaker

23rd May 2018|0 Comments

MatchMaker offers you the possibility to automatically reconcile and process 80% or more of the payments that are received on a daily basis so you will save time and money. Credit management consultant Martin de Heus shows you how you can benefit from MatchMaker.



  • Blockchain whitepaper

Whitepaper Blockchain

13th March 2018|0 Comments

Blockchain: The technology upending our financial world? Or not? Onguard has surveyed more than 1000 finance professionals about their interest and the initiatives already launched in their field. Read the results in our blockchain whitepaper.

Credit management: an important intermediate station in the journey towards customer engagement

14th February 2018|0 Comments

How does the organisation ensure that the customer has the same positive experience at all stations, even when the customer is experiencing payment difficulties and ends up having to deal with the ‘Credit Management’ department?

  • 7 quick wins klanten bellen

seven quick-wins you get from calling your customers

5th December 2017|0 Comments

Automating key administrative tasks can free up time for your company's credit management team to pick up the phone and speak to customers. This instant contact can deliver some valuable quick wins.

  • Automatically extracting data


11th October 2017|0 Comments

Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio and how your team is performing against their targets, are essential in order to stay on track with your ambitious plans.



  • blockchain future for finance professionals

NL – Emerce

24th April 2018|0 Comments

Finance professionals niet bang voor verlies baan door opkomst Blockchain

  • is blockchain de nieuwe finance professional

NL – Accountant week

19th April 2018|0 Comments

Is Blockchain de nieuwe Finance Professional?

  • blockchain experts

NL – Business Intelligence platform

5th April 2018|0 Comments

Nederlandse bedrijven vragen massaal naar Blockchain experts

  • unpaid bills improve with software

UK – Financial Director

5th April 2018|0 Comments

How poor credit management is leaving Britain's businesses with millions of pounds unpaid bills