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Almost two thirds of finance organisations are preparing for a blockchain revolution

4th April 2018|0 Comments

Nearly two thirds (65%) of finance organisations are already prepared or preparing for an initiative related to blockchain, an in-depth study of over 1000 finance professionals has revealed.

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Onguard is aiming for growth with the expansion of its management team

21st February 2018|0 Comments

Onguard expanded its management team effective 1 January. Wolter Kreun (33) was appointed Manager Professional Services to strengthen the management team. Martin de Heus (35), VP Sales, is also new to the team. The latter succeeds former Sales Director John Scholte.

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New Customer Success Managers at Onguard ensure customers are supported effectively

8th February 2018|0 Comments

Onguard is growing its team with two Customer Success Managers. These two positions have been created to support customers in improving their results. Onguard has a strong focus on innovation and the appointment of the Customer Success Managers will help to ensure Onguard can direct its efforts to serving customers as effectively as possible, both now and in the future.

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Onguard webinars show product advantages in cash allocation and credit management software

30th January 2018|0 Comments

On a regular basis Onguard organises webinars in which we present our software solutions. This could be a webinar with a general product demo, specific product functionality and how you can use it to benefit your organisation or another subject related to the order to cash process.



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Five simple tips for ensuring constant cashflow

24th April 2018|0 Comments

Companies exist to earn money and make a contribution towards society. They offer products or services to their customers and, in return, the companies are given money. Money, for example, to invest in making even better products or providing more comprehensive services for their customers. But what happens if customers pay late or not at all for the services or goods provided?

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4 ways to turbocharge accounts receivable

18th April 2018|0 Comments

How can you speed up the accounts receivable process, while also reducing errors and improving cash flow? Read our four top tips.

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Infographic Fintech Barometer 2018

12th April 2018|0 Comments

Blockchain - The technology that is upending our financial world? Or maybe not? Read the facts & figures in this blockchain infographic based on the Onguard FinTech Barometer 2018. Onguard has surveyed more than 1000 finance professionals about their interest and the initiatives already launched in their field.

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From Excel to credit management software: how to make a business case

5th April 2018|0 Comments

Dutch companies are among the fastest payers in the world. Dutch companies pay invoices within 46 days. Good news! But is this really something to be happy about?



  • Blockchain whitepaper

Whitepaper Blockchain

13th March 2018|0 Comments

Blockchain: The technology upending our financial world? Or not? Onguard has surveyed more than 1000 finance professionals about their interest and the initiatives already launched in their field. Read the results in our blockchain whitepaper.

Credit management: an important intermediate station in the journey towards customer engagement

14th February 2018|0 Comments

How does the organisation ensure that the customer has the same positive experience at all stations, even when the customer is experiencing payment difficulties and ends up having to deal with the ‘Credit Management’ department?

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seven quick-wins you get from calling your customers

5th December 2017|0 Comments

Automating key administrative tasks can free up time for your company's credit management team to pick up the phone and speak to customers. This instant contact can deliver some valuable quick wins.

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11th October 2017|0 Comments

Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio and how your team is performing against their targets, are essential in order to stay on track with your ambitious plans.