CreditManager, our cloud-based credit management solution, helps you take calculated risks and gives you control of your cash flow

Are you increasingly worried about your organisation’s future – with customers struggling to make their payments, payment arrangements not being met, DSO increasing and future cash flow uncertain?

Unprecedented times and uncertain future calls for smart solutions. Onguard’s hosted credit management solution, CreditManager, will prepare you for whatever lies ahead. Remote implementation, go-live, online training – from start to finish you can gain control of your finances remotely and quickly. Take this opportunity to fast forward digital transformation to secure your organisation’s future.

CreditManager allows you to segment your customers based on their attributes and behaviour. This saves time, so you can focus on the exceptions and value-adding activities. You can also easily investigate and resolve complaints through the same platform.

What you get
  • Automated workflows
  • Easily adjust payment arrangements and settlements
  • Reporting
  • Standard dunning letters
  • Customer segmentation
  • Standard best practices reports, letters and workflows available