What is Onguard's vision?

The immense amount of available data requires smart solutions to harness and utilise this data effectively. Companies must undergo a digital transformation to make the data work for them and guarantee their continuity.​ This asks for a proven and trustworthy partner, who thinks along and understands what is needed. Our intelligent platform integrates data within all parts of the order-to-cash process. To realise this we use the latest technologies like API’s, robotics, machine learning, Big Data and AI and work closely together with other best-of-breed solution providers.​Our Customer Success philosophy helps us guide our customers step-by-step in their digital transformation. The goal is efficiency within the order-to-cash process, faster payments and an optimal customer experience. These combine to provide our customers with sufficient working capital to grow and maintain a long-term relationship with their customers.​

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How long has Onguard worked in Credit Management?

Onguard has been a specialist in credit management for over 25 years.

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What does Onguard do?

Our integrated platform ensures an optimal connection of all processes in the order-to-cash chain and allows sharing of critical data. Intelligent tools that can seamlessly be interconnected and together offer an overview and control of the payment process, as well as contribute to a sustainable customer relationship.

Who can benefit from Onguard's solutions in order-to-cash?

Organisations in B2B, B2C and B2G which have a high volume of invoices and debtors can benefit from Onguard's solutions.

How can Onguard help me lower my DSO, increase cashflow and working capital?

Every organisation has to deal with it; the process from a customer order to the payment of the invoice, in other words the order-to-cash process. An organisation sells a product or service and would like to be paid in return. It sounds simple, but it is a process that consists of many steps that all have to fit together. Onguard automates the entire process on a single platform allowing you as an organisation to efficiently and effectively run the entire process from a customer order to payment of the invoice. It provides you with an overview and control over the payment process. Using automated workflows and payment options tailored to the customer, invoices are usually paid faster. This contributes to a reduction in DSO and therefore a higher cash flow and working capital.

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How will Onguard's solutions improve customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of the entire organisation. At every station of the customer journey, the customer is expected to have a positive experience. This also applies to the credit management department, an important department to include if an organisation really wants to make the difference. The Onguard solutions make it possible for your organisation to order all order-to-cash data in one environment, allowing every department (from the commercial departments to the Finance department) in the organisation to consult and monitor the data. This data is visible in real-time providing insight in and an overview of your customers. You have knowledge about the customer and their payment behavior, you know what they need and how they prefer to be communicated with (through post or digitally). Onguard uses this information to segment your customers within the software. This ensures that personal communication goes to the right customer at the right time. Expectations of the customer can be met in all cases and fulfilling the customer's requirements. Eventually, it ensures higher customer satisfaction.

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What does the future of Onguard look like?

The infinite availability of data requires smart solutions to make this data work for us. Companies must transform digitally to ensure their continuity. Within order-to-cash, Onguard wants to play an important role in providing step-by-step guidance to our customers in the digital transformation. Our goal is efficiency within the order-to-cash process, fast payments, and optimal customer experience so that our customers have sufficient working capital available to grow and maintain a long-term relationship with their customers. We achieve this by thinking along with our customers as a reliable partner and understanding what is needed. We offer our customers an intelligent platform that integrates data into all parts of the order-to-cash process. We do this by using the latest technologies, such as APIs, robotics, machine learning, big data, and AI. To achieve this, we work closely with other best-of-breed solution providers.

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