Webinar: Enabling company growth with growth hacking

4 november 2021
12.00 pm

Can you use growth hacking tactics in your finance department? That’s the question we ask our guests during this online session, where a growth hacking expert and an order-to-cash specialist will discuss the importance of growth., even in uncertain times, and how you as a CFO or Credit Manager can facilitate growth from within the finance department. After all-in your role you are the internal business partner who advises policymakers and directors on strategic choices based on the organisation’s financial status.

Applying growth hacking tactics can help you generate data and insights quickly which helps you make better decisions.

Watch the recording of this session and learn more about:

  • how and where growth hacking fits into the financial process
  • how you can apply these tactics to your process
  • how you can benefit 

*English spoken, subtitled in Dutch