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Jun 12

Onguard Presents: “Help! It Doesn’t Really Help”, featuring Meindert Flikkema

12 june 2024
16.00 pm

Welcome to Onguard Presents: “Help! It Doesn’t Really Help”, featuring Meindert Flikkema. An event by Onguard in collaboration with Igor Wortel of Phalanxes.

Have you ever felt surrounded by well-meaning advice that simply doesn’t seem to work? That’s exactly what Meindert Flikkema, Professor of Service Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit, will explore with us during this unique workshop we’re hosting on Wednesday, 12th June 2024.

“Before I introduce the problem to you, who has a solution?” Or: “We have a fantastic solution, let’s find a problem to go with it.” These provocative questions may be closer to reality than we think. Often, we know exactly how to solve someone else’s problem, but our own assistance, both personally and professionally, seems to fall short. It’s as if we can’t tolerate problems and suffer from the ‘solution syndrome’.

Meindert Flikkema doesn’t have a ready-made solution to this dilemma. Instead, he invites you to practice active passivity and reflect on the Helping Paradox – a fascinating concept challenging us to reconsider our approaches to help and solutions.

During this interactive workshop, Meindert will delve into the causes and consequences of our desire to solve problems and offer new perspectives on how to deal with the challenges we encounter, both in business and personally.

Immerse yourself in an evening of insights, discussions, and good food as we collectively explore the complexity of helping. We look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday, 12th June!

The program

16:00: Registration and welcome
16:30: Start of Meindert Flikkema’s workshop (including a break)
18:00: Walking dinner and networking
20:30: Expected end of the event

Location and directions

The event will take place at Onguard’s office: Paasheuvelweg 9A in Amsterdam. Plan your route here.

We have limited parking spaces available at Onguard. Therefore, we recommend parking at Parkbee, just a 4-minute walk from the office. Book your parking spot here.

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