trends in credit industry

Roundtable: Exploring 4 years of tech trends

18 october 2021
12.00 pm

From Brexit to the pandemic, we have seen pivotal changes in the trends in the credit industry. At the fore is digital transformation and new technology such as RPA and AI. They enable organisations to adapt and remain competitive. Our new comparison report Fintech in the order-to-cash process has given insights into a variety of interesting trends.Trends, such as, the technology being most widely embraced, and how circumstances on both sides of The Channel differ. Despite the many similarities in the order-to-cash process, financial professionals in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom face different challenges, set different priorities, and see different developments.

Online Recording

Join Sue Chapple from CICM, Luc Godfroid from Visma | Onguard and Mark Preston from Dun & Bradstreet as they deep dive into the latest research report. They will explore the last four years of technology trends within the credit industry. Topics covered will include emerging financial trends, the pace of technology adoption and the future of finance.

Fintech Barometer

In recent years, the Visma | Onguard Fintech Barometer has grown into an indicator of the credit management landscape. For those who are unfamiliar, the Fintech Barometer is an extensive annual survey where financial professionals answer questions about payment behaviour, the application of fintech and which technologies they expect to see a lot. Additionally, the pace at which technology is managed to be embraced by organisations is discussed.