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Coffee with Vera Schut and Bas Kemme, IntotheNXT

1 june 2023
00.00 am

During this coffee conversation, Vera Schut and Bas Kemme of IntotheNXT will share all exciting developments around NFTs, the metaverse, Web 3.0 and smart contracts.

Buzzwords are explained by tangible examples of use cases. And we for sure ask them why this will be worthwhile to look into for you and your company.

About IntotheNXT

IntotheNXT is a forward-looking consultancy specialized in identifying and capitalizing on developments that disrupt current business models. In our approach we combine tech with touch to guide companies through transformations ​​in a data-driven and human-centric way. A new digital disruption wave has started. New technologies including Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs evolve at high speed. Being strategy consulting professionals and NFT entrepreneurs, we know growth comes from having a good plan and getting the full energy of the organization behind the plan to test & learn what works and what doesn’t. We inspire and guide you with real business cases to help you develop your Web3, NFT, or metaverse strategy and execute for impact on performance. Read more about IntotheNXT and about Vera and Bas:

Vera Schut:

With 15+ years of experience in strategy & execution, analytics and corporate finance, Vera balances sharp observations with a pragmatic approach focused on impact. Structured problem solver and a versatile, people-oriented go-getter. Her style allows client teams to embrace new thinking and get into action mode, becoming more effective as individuals and in teams.

Bas Kemme

20+ years of experience as a top-tier strategy & innovation consultant and entrepreneur. Helps organizations serve customers better and be a great place to work through better application of human and artificial intelligence. Intrigued by the opportunity to apply new thinking of innovation, leadership, and organization psychology authors.

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