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Onguard believes in the power of an efficient order-to-cash process. Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash platform offers an overview and control of the entire payment process while maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. Discover how Onguard’s intelligent solutions accelerate your cash flow, lower your days sales outstanding and optimise the role of your credit managers. By automating your order-to-cash, optimise performance and drive your company’s success.

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Overview for each financial administration
or consolidates several financial administrations. For example, it provides a summary of agenda items, DSO and ageing.

Cash flow forecasting

Provides more insight and control over the cash flow and working capital for your organisation
Prognoses, history and corrected prognoses of your cash flow based on existing data.

Performance screen

Displays the internal and external KPI's
compared to the desired target.

Credit scoring

Score is calculated that provides insight into the risk of the debtor.
The risk score is determined on the basis of a number of defined parameters. They may be both internal and external parameters.

Debtor cockpit

Relevant key data and a complete financial overview.
each debtor is accessible in the debtors cockpit immediately.


Standard access is gained to more than 50 reports, providing insight at various levels.
If there is any need for additional reports, Onguard can provide them or the user can generate them him-/herself, after completing the correct training.

Customer segmentation

Categorisation per customer type each with its own workflow.
For example; on key accounts, international customers or debtors with greater risk.

Email functionality

Send emails to your customers straight out of our system
See communication history with your customers. Send files with attachments like a copy invoice.
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