‘‘From individual reminders to automated debtor management.’’

It is already quite some years ago, in 2006 to be precise, that Enexis Netbeheer set up a new debtor management system and started using our credit management solution CreditManager. And what a success it has been. Even in the first year, it delivered huge savings. Some time later, Collector for automatic file creation, was also integrated. Eric Halmans, Functional Manager of the ICT department at Enexis, was involved from the start and recounts his experiences.


Fixed processes lead to efficient debtor management

“In order to end up where we are now, it has been quite a challenge. From a debtor management department with individual letters from SAP and very little process management, to automated debtor management and full process control. This completely different approach meant the organisation had to be rebuilt and credit management processes had to be created and implemented. And the necessary training was also required to manage the process. When setting up the working processes, Onguard (previously Credit Tools) applied their extensive practical experience to provide us with advice; this then also led to the development of the current solution CreditManager. Working via fixed processes and workflows was new for Enexis but led to really efficient debtor management and collection processes”, explains Eric.

Full process management

Eric continues: “From the moment that we started using the credit management software, we had full control of the process. Workflows are used to send letters, reminders and demands for payment and we also conduct telephone campaigns. We register complaints and, up to the point of issuing invoices, we have automated the entire process. All debtors are now regionally categorised too so that each of the debtor managers has their own region of customers. It is very clear that works very well. Even in the first year, it delivered huge savings. The fact that we have gained a fantastic insight into backlogs, has meant that we have also been able to drastically reduce outstanding payments. A well-oiled credit management department has become a reality.”

Full process management

“From the moment that we started using the software, we had full control of the process. The fact that we have gained a fantastic insight into backlogs, has meant that we have been able to drastically reduce outstanding payments.” ~ Eric Halmans, Functional Manager ICT


Developing and achieving
results together

Alongside the huge contribution towards operating profit, it was also extremely important that the Enexis employees embraced the new tool and therefore enjoyed working with it. The number of people using the solution in the past eleven years has increased from 6 licences to a total of 152 full users and 190 light users, who collectively process 150,000 debtors. Enexis has insight into and a great overview of its debtors, enabling the entire process to be effectively managed. In 2008, Collector - the solution for automated file creation within the collection process - was also integrated, allowing the process to become much more efficient.

But that’s not where it ends; Enexis and its order-to-cash ambitions ensured that our solutions linked into the business even more effectively. A great example of this is the Fraud Calculation Module (FBM) that Onguard tailor-made for Enexis at the time. This has now become a standard application that is also used by network manager Stedin. An app has also been developed so that reports from ‘Misdaad Anoniem’ (Crime Stoppers) can be directly added to the files, e.g. in the case of illegal marijuana factories. In the coming months, another app is on the development agenda too, which will allow Enexis to fully automate the registration of illegal consumption of electricity. This will offer a huge saving in terms of time.

The Collaboration

The collaboration with Enexis is a great example of how Visma | Onguard works alongside its customers to continuously improve our solutions and, in turn, further optimise the customer’s processes. Visma | Onguard is proud of what we have achieved with Enexis and what we can still realise. “I’m really looking forward to the future”, concludes Eric.

The Results

  • Automated debtor management with full process control
  • Automatic file creation within the collection process
  • Supplementary innovative applications including Fraud Calculation Module, linking files to ‘Misdaad Anoniem’ (Crime Stoppers) reports
  • Customer segmentation, workflows and customer registration
  • Insight and overview
  • Enormous savings due to reduced DSO
  • Increased work satisfaction

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