Care4Lease: from credit management in Excel to fully automated credit management


From credit management in Excel to fully automated credit management

Care4Lease, a subsidiary of Bovemij, is a young, fast-growing company located in Nijmegen.  They specialise in financing and facilitating car dealerships when setting up their own car leasing company. Care4Lease carries out the administrative and financial process on behalf of the car dealers. In addition, they handle the contracts, provide expertise in the area of damage and maintenance, and also provide IT services. This allows car dealers to add car leasing services to their business model, in a professional and responsible way. In recent years, Care4Lease’s services have successfully expanded, resulting in tremendous growth. This also resulted in the necessary automatization of the credit management process.

„Until recently, we manually performed credit management for our customers in Excel. Due to the growth and subsequently the amount of customer data, we wanted to develop a clearer and more comprehensive credit management system. CreditManager from Credit Tools supports us with this. In the meantime, we have processed the customer data for more than 55 leasing companies in one administration system. That provides us with economies of scale. Through work processes, we can handle a large number of actions automatically and easily follow up on them. Moreover, we can report more accurately to our customers and further optimise customer contact.  It also fits perfectly with our goals in relation to customer service.  The results are immediately noticeable. Contact with the customer is more efficient, tasks are more comprehensive, and the programme is very user-friendly,“ says Boris Suvee, Head of Administration at Care4Lease.

Care4Lease has chosen to initially use some of the basic functionality within CreditManager. In the long term, they want to use this, together with the integrated complaint management application.

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