Seminar, June 18th in Cardiff

Credit Management – It’s past, present & future

Atradius, Onguard and the CICM invite you to join us at a dynamic and practical session on: ‘Credit Management – where it’s been, where it is, and where it’s going’.

To say we are in a period of economic uncertainty is probably somewhat of an understatement and there has never been a more relevant or crucial time for credit management procedures to be 21st century. The era of Credit Management that we have been accustomed to is coming to an end and, in many cases, the strategies utilized by businesses throughout the UK are based upon legacy systems and antiquated practices. Automation of simple tasks is key to increasing efficiency so that the real focus can be put on complex tasks and customer care.

Join us in Cardiff, for the opportunity to receive insight from top specialists in the field of Credit Management.  

During the seminar, Atradius and Onguard will discuss how big data and analytics can be used within credit risk management. The seminar will be opened by Philip King, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. Philip will share his thoughts on the Credit Management industry and where it is heading. Atradius will then share their experience. After a networking lunch, Onguard will talk about how a sophisticated software system in Credit Management can bring major benefits to credit and finance departments. What are the possibilities and advantages of dedicated software over the use of Excel? What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on Credit Management Software? These questions and more will all be answered by our experts during the session, but we will also invite the audience to input their opinions of credit management in the 21st century and beyond. Why is this important? Because your input is key as to how 21st-century credit management will evolve alongside the likes of Onguard and Atradius expertise.


10.00: Welcome with tea and coffee
10.30: Opening: by CICM: Philip King on the past of credit management
11.00: Atradius: Owen Bassett on Risk Management
12.00: Lunch
13.00: Onguard: Martin de Heus  and Carl Lancaster - Business case Peninsula Ltd.
14.00: Networking drinks


Atradius office, Cardiff
3 Harbour Drive, Capital Waterside, Cardiff
CF10 4WZ, United Kingdom

About Philip King, FCICM

Philip King speaker Onguard

Philip has been the Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), the largest recognised professional body in the world for the credit management community, since 2006.  Prior to that, he had 26 years of practical experience in trade, consumer, and international credit management.

He is widely recognised in the UK and internationally as an expert and speaker on good business practice and, in particular, cash-flow and credit management for businesses of all sizes.  Philip is the author of the Managing Cashflow Guides which were produced for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and of which there have now been over 580,000 downloads.

In addition to leading the Chartered Institute of Credit Management in its work to raise the profile and professionalism of credit management, Philip sits on a number of industry and UK government-led bodies and is a Vice President of FECMA.

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management is at the forefront of developing its members in roles that sit within the credit management lifecycle providing ongoing support, qualifications, and access to a wide range of resources.  CICM also administers the Prompt Payment Code for BEIS and works closely with it in supporting the development of late payment and enterprise policy.

About Martin de Heus

Martin is VP Sales At Onguard. Martin started at Credit Tools in 2011, first as a sales consultant and since 2016 as sales and marketing manager. Prior to Credit Tools, he worked at Graydon where he was introduced to the world of credit management in all its aspects; credit information, collections and software. Martin is passionate about this business and he always tries to share his passion with his customers, prospects and colleagues. Together with his dedicated team, he is always aiming for the best for their customers.

Martin is enthusiastic about the opportunities our company offers. This enables Onguard to stay leading in innovative credit management software and offer the best possible solution to existing and new customers worldwide. Martin is committed to add value to the organization of customers and help them.

About Owen BassettOwen Basset

Owen is an industry leader at Atradius with overall responsibility for the retail, IT, food and agriculture sectors.
With a decade of experience at Atradius, Owen leads a team of risk services specialists which underwrite these key sector portfolios. He has been heavily involved in the work of the Risk Services division for Brexit contingency planning and is a regular contributor at industry networking and thought-leadership events

Owen says: “Retail and food are dynamic sectors which simultaneously hold many key opportunities and challenges in today’s climate. At Atradius, we aim to be flexible and adaptable in our approach to help businesses seize these opportunities and mitigate risk. Due to its fast pace, knowledge within these industries is crucial. That’s why we have real-time insights and expert analysis, ensuring we make the most informed credit decisions possible to support business and facilitate trade.”

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