Red Teams are making the internet a safer place

Red teams security

October is security month at Visma, but online safety should happen all year round. We are discussing Red Teams and how they help to make the internet a safer place for everyone. With the high increase in cyber crime all over the world, many people and organisations are worried about becoming the next victim. In order to protect yourself, you’ll need to ask a fundamental question: how exactly can cyber criminals attack you?

Red Teams

Visma has an entire team of ethical hackers, penetration testers and developers dedicated to answering this question. They’re called the Visma Red Team. The Red Team’s job is to think like cyber criminals and see how systems can be hacked by malicious actors. It’s their objective to find any possible vulnerabilities in our systems that a hacker can use. The team’s findings can ultimately help to secure systems around the world.

In effect

In fact, this is something that already happened in early 2022. Cyber criminals will use any possible way to breach systems, including using other software providers that are used by Visma. They may be installed on servers or even employee laptops.

Recently, the Visma Red team discovered a critical vulnerability via a third-party solution that could possibly allow a cybercriminal to control a computer and install any malicious software that they want without permission. This is very popular software that has over 80,000 customers, including many well-known large corporations. This means that potentially hundreds of thousands of endpoint devices were susceptible to an attack, save for the Visma Red Team. In this way, the Visma Red Team doesn’t only make your organisation more resilient but Red Teams from all over the world help to make the Internet a safer place for everyone. Cyber security is a shared responsibility.


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