Onguard joins
UN Global Compact

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Following Visma’s example in 2022, Onguard is now a member of the UN Global Compact Network Netherlands, officially committing to align its operations with the Ten Principles for responsible business practices and drive awareness in the corporate world. 

What is the UN Global Compact: The Ten Principles 

From environmental impact to equality, the world is not on track to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Each one of us can make an impact but the corporate world can play a significant part in creating a more sustainable world. And this is exactly what the Ten Principles lay the ground for. 

Launched in 2000, the UNGC is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, measuring more than 24.000 signatories across more than 160 countries. The UNGC calls companies worldwide to align their operations with ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More specifically: 

What does UNGC practically mean for Onguard? 

Onguard has committed to environmental and social sustainability long ago. From making sure that our working environment is a happy place to carefully managing our environmental impact, “sustainability” is more than just a buzzword here. And as actions mean more than words, here is a list of sustainability actions we took in the past year

As part of the UNGC, all Visma employees have access to an Academy enhancing our knowledge and skills to deliver societal and environmental impact. Especially as part of the UNGC Network Netherlands, we, as Onguard can:

  • follow accelerator and peer programs, 
  • join local events; and 
  • learn about Dutch law and legislation on sustainability. 

The Target Gender Equality Accelerator

One of the upcoming programs is the Target Gender Equality Accelerator, a nine-month programme aiming to enhance women’s representation in leadership positions in line with the UN SDG 5. 

While women make up 40% of the company – and that’s pretty good in tech – only 36% are leaders. By 2030 we want to be at 40%, and we have clear measures to get there. We strongly believe that a more balanced leadership enables us to develop even better and more relevant products,”

…said Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma. 
Did you know?

UNGC data show that the gender pay gap in the Netherlands currently stands at 13%, which means that on average, women earn 13% less than men.

No man can change the world on their own; we can only play our part in the collective effort by being an example for our customers, coworkers, and corporate peers. I think this is what makes me particularly proud in this initiative. When I am older and my kids ask me “what did you do back then,” I can tell them I contributed a little something to make the world a better place,

…said Natascha Umans, Sustainability Coordinator at Onguard. 

Visma in the UN Global Compact

Already in 2022, Visma announced its membership in the United Nations Global Compact, signalling a steadfast dedication to sustainable business practices. This move reflected Visma’s alignment with the UNGC’s values, further solidifying its position as a leader in corporate sustainability.

Engaging with the local NL network with Onguard allows us to align our sustainable development goals with global standards, while also benefiting from tailored support and resources that address our specific challenges and opportunities within the Dutch context,” a statement from Visma read after Onguard joined UNGC. 

Find out more about the UNGC Netherlands work or check out more about Onguard’s sustainability path here.  



Working at Onguard: Meet Denise 

She has been with Onguard for 6 years, she started as an intern to climb to an Event Manager, and she effectively shares her energy between two roles in the company! This is Denise Rossen, Event Manager, Onguard, and All-round Marketer, Outstanding24. 


Working at Onguard: Meet Jordy

When he was a child, he wanted to become a pastry chef. At 21 years old, he had his own business providing IT services to small companies. And in his free time, he is a music producer! This is Jordy Zijp, team lead at the CreditManager Customer Service department. 

DSO in 2024

European companies should expect higher DSO in 2024

Research by Onguard in 2024 showed that almost half of organisations in the Netherlands have to wait more than 30 days for their invoices to be paid. The findings are confirmed in a recent study by Allianz, unveiling an increase in DSO by +3 days in 2023.