• OnGuardConnext Hosting

      Full software performance, flexibility and cost control

      OnGuard Connext Hosting is a service that hosts, supports and maintains the technical environment in which the OnGuard software operates.

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    • OnGuardCash Allocation

      Faster insight, single view of your customer

      OnGuard Cash Allocation matches received payments against outstanding invoices in your OnGuard database and provides real-time payment information to your collectors preventing unnecessary communication with your customers.

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    • Logo Sodexo


      Natalie van den Hoogen:

      'Realised turnover is not yet paid turnover.'

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  • CreditManagement


    If you are serious about reducing the cost of your working capital, then credit management needs to be high on your agenda. And not only with a focus on DSO reduction.

  • CollectionManagement


    Customer friendliness often disappears when the customer becomes a debtor. OnGuard provides the collections manager with tools to help the customer to pay the invoices on time.

  • ComplaintsManagement

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    Every organization has to deal with customer complaints that delay the payment of invoices. Complaints management is an essential part of structured credit management.